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Now anything that can be purchased online at can also be put into a written estimate or quote for your purchasing needs. Here’s a fast easy way to get a written estimate for your color guard uniforms, dance team uniforms, pom poms, batons, sabers and more.

Just go shopping for what you want online, add items to your box/basket and checkout.

When it comes for you to select your form of payment, select “Instant Estimate/Quote”. You will not be charged anything at that time and an itemized estimate will be emailed to you directly. Within minutes you can be submitting your request to your accounting department. Once you have an approved purchase order, please send it with a copy of your quote. You can fax it or mail it to us. And we’ll get to work fulfilling your order fast.

To contact us by phone:

Call us toll free at: 1-800-458-2549
FAX: 1-888-928-2282 or 1-954-454-7370

To contact us by email:

Algy Team Collection
440 NE First Ave.
Hallandale, FL 33009

Remember, nothing will be charged, and your order will not begin to process until we have received a copy of your estimate and Purchase Order or other form of payment.

We’re Algy and we’re working hard for you!