how to measuer

We all know that a great fit is part of a great look; it’s just not always easy to get that fit! So we’d like to show you the ins and outs of measuring your team. Always wear the same undergarments you’ll wear with your uniform when measuring. Lesson number one is this: GIRTH IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MEASUREMENT YOU WILL TAKE. So let’s do that first. Place the end of your tape at the center front of one shoulder, down through the crotch and up to the opposite center back shoulder. Do not hold the tape TIGHT. Take the rest of the measurements as shown on the right. Record each measurement on the size/embroidery worksheet we provide. Then figure the closest size using the charts below. If any one measurement is three or more rows from any of the others, you may require a special size; call an Algy Customer Service Expert and we’ll help you determine if you do! Also, record height; if an individual is very tall or short, this may affect the size you should choose.